Getting to Know . . .
Rick Hinkson, President
Eureka Contracting, LLC

Rick Hinkson, President of Eureka Contracting, and his company are celebrating significant anniversary milestones this year. It was 35 years ago when Rick established his goal to operate his own business and 5 years ago he opened the doors of Eureka Contracting. With the commitment of always putting the customer’s needs first, the company has experienced steady growth and success.

About Eureka Contracting
As with most business owners, it requires education, dedication, determination, great employees and an abundance of hard work to attain the goal of business ownership. Rick graduated from Kirkwood High and joined the Navy soon after graduation

He spent 12 years in the US Navy, four of them on active duty and eight in the reserves with the Navy Construction Battalion (Seabees) as a builder. Following his naval service, he returned to this area and transitioned to civilian life. He became a union carpenter, began working in the contracting industry and worked as an insurance adjuster, providing him with important skills, knowledge and experience he could utilize in operating his own firm.

His plan worked. He assembled a detail-oriented staff of talented marketers, salespersons and a team of professionals experienced in putting roofs on houses, businesses and churches. “Each likes what they do and takes a lot of pride in their area of expertise. They keep customers advised of every step.” Thanks to the work and interpersonal abilities of these professionals, Eureka Contracting is now recognized as a leader in providing high quality products, efficiency and outstanding customer service.

“We are located in ‘beautiful Eureka’ just minutes west of Kirkwood. In addition to roofing, we do siding, soffit, fascia, gutters – almost everything on the outside – we work on residential, commercial, industrial buildings and churches.

Committed to Being a Green Roofer
Eureka Contracting is committed to being a Green operator. “Since day one of Eureka Contracting’s opening, we’ve done everything possible to reduce landfill waste. All the waste from our roofs is recycled. Your old shingles are ground up and mixed with the asphalt that is used on our streets and parking lots.

“All of us have an obligation to recycle and do what we can to make the world a better place for future generations. In this instance, it’s a win-win situation – recycling is not only the right choice, it is also cost effective,” he reports.

Spring is Here – Storms, Wind and Hail Are on the Horizon
Yes, it’s that time of the year when the weather can change with little warning, bringing storms to our area.

“If you encounter wind, hail, storm damages, or just need your roof looked at, give Eureka Contracting a call at 636-938-ROOF.  We will inspect your building, home or church with absolutely no cost or obligation to you,” suggests Rick.

“It’s important to work with local roofers rather than dealing with out-of-town companies you may not know much about and may have difficulty in locating in the event of a problem.”

Eureka Contracting will respond quickly to help and get your life back to normal, beginning with a thorough procedure that includes:

  • Inspecting the damages at no cost or obligation to you
  • Showing you the damage we found
  • Evaluating the damages and determine if it is worth submitting a claim; if so they will help with this process
  • They will meet with your insurance adjuster and preferably you at the same time, at the loss site
  • Reviewing their estimate to ensure the measurements and details are correct
  • Once approved, we will complete the repairs for the allotted amount on the insurance company’s estimate. 
  • Your only cost will be the deductible and upgrades
  • Most residential roofs will be completed in one day
  • The shingles we install have a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 99% of the product we install is made in the USA
  • Your landscape will be protected, pampered and left spotless
  • We will recycle 100% of your roof, siding, fascia and gutters
  • We will file all of the paperwork for you to your insurance company and provide you with a copy of all correspondence
  • When the job is complete, we will issue all warranties and lien waiver

Speaking of Good Insurance Coverage
Eureka Contracting has a lot of experience in working with insurance companies. “When I was an adjuster, I learned first hand the key role good insurance coverage and a good agent provides to home and business owners.

“Since the lifestyle of many of our customers is busy and demanding, we help them understand insurance policies and can explain most of the language they will hear when a claim is submitted. We can also review the procedures of getting paid on the claim.  We can aid them in the actual meanings of acronyms like RCV, ACV, DEP, DED, and NET.

“Insurance adjusters assign a value to your damages using common estimating programs and current price lists. We use the same software and the same estimating program that most insurance companies utilize. This gives us the capability to more accurately compare price when quoting your job.”

Eureka Contracting carries $1 million liability and $1 million workmen’s compensation insurance with a $2 million aggregate.

“There are many fine insurance company agents who are members of the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce. These agents are your friends and neighbors and an essential component for the overall protection of your major assets – your home, your business, your church.”

Eureka Contracting is a SureCoat Systems Contractor
“SureCoat is an amazing product!

“In addition to our work on residences and businesses following wind and hail, we also have a commercial roof coating division. With SureCoat, we coat the roof with a polymer resin without tearing the old roof off and make a seamless white roof. It’s cost effective, eliminating the need for roof replacement.

“And we don’t have to tear off the existing roof an old, tired roof and they can extend that roof life by 10 years. It was originally made for wharfs, piers and buoys in the ocean. It doesn't chip, crack, fade, scratch, or peel and meets all ecological impact standards. SureCoat has earned the EPAs Energy Star, has a class A fire rating and it has 86% reflectivity so the heat just bounces off.

“The product is applied with a paint roller – three layers of the same material are applied with a polymesh material imbedded into the first layer which forms a monolithic polymer resin, elastomeric based roof. It is a sustainable solution for commercial properties with flat and low-sloping roofs! With a low viscosity there are no odors, you building can be occupied during the entire process. No heavy equipment, no loud noises, no roofing kettles of hot tar, no dumpsters or dump fees and no exposure.

In 2015, we coated the Webster Groves Subaru dealership 12,000 sf roof and completely stopped the leaks that had been ongoing for 9 years. We treated a couple of industrial buildings in Pacific with metal roofs and were able to stop all the leaks they had been experiencing for the last six years.

“Proper preparation and application is critical to the effectiveness of SureCoat. It’s a multi-step process but only effective when spending the time to do it right. It’s a renewable roof and it comes with a 10 year warranty and can be renewed 9 years after it’s applied when you have it re-coated the warranty is extended for an additional 10 years.

“This is a fine product for older, historic structures. We’ve done several homes in the Soulard area which over the years, have multi-layers of tar and roofing material. We can coat over the existing roof without disturbing the old parapet walls and brickwork. “It can also be used on abandoned strip malls because it absolutely seals the roof and keeps it from leaking. If you save the roof, you save the building!”

Upgrade Discount available for Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce Members

Rick has enjoyed his membership in the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce for the last four years and appreciates the jobs and business leads he has received.

He is making an upgrade discount available to all Chamber members. For details, contact Rick at or call him at 636-939-ROOF (7663) or on his cell at 314.614.0216. Additional information about Eureka Contracting is available online at