Getting to Know
Cindy Berry, Rick Hall, Bret Schnitker, Owners
Providing Outstanding Phones, Service, Local Support

In the business world, few skills have a greater impact on the trajectory of your career than your ability to communicate. Having the right tools is critical to your success. Fortunately, Cindy Berry, Rick Hall and Bret Schnitker, owners of SnapCom, can assist you in enhancing your business communications by making your phone service more efficient and cost effective.

About SnapCom
“SnapCom got its start 20 years ago as a networking company. At that time we were concentrating on computer support and all things related to it. From there, the company extended its growth into phone service.

“SnapCom provides you with the availability of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol.) It is the technology used for making phone calls over Internet lines rather than phone lines. If you have bundled pricing for Internet, TV and phones in your home, then you are most likely already using VoIP. A well implemented VoIP system looks like a regular phone system, however, when it comes to the benefits and features, there’s no comparison.”

“SnapCom is amazing. It’s completely mobile, so you can work from home and have your sales staff spread out and it allows you to firmly become established which is key for small businesses to succeed. It also helps you save money by reducing office expenses,” Rick explains.

You can keep your existing phone number!
“It’s easy to use. The phones work the same, dialing is the same, the sound quality is the same, or better. You will even be able to keep your existing phone numbers – your main number; rollover; toll free; fax lines, etc. Even if you have numbers in different area codes on different phone bills, we can move them to our system under one easy to read consolidated statement.

“Changing to VoIP doesn’t require an IT degree or your re-learning how to make phone calls. VoIP phones work the same way as you current phone and in many cases, much better. Navigating your phones’ features is intuitive and easy. The large LED display quickly tells you the status of any call and the HD audio gives you better clarity on each call.

“It’s really the wave of the future but not so cutting edge so as to be intimidating,” Cindy says.

Click Here for a Brief SnapCom Video and to learn more about SnapCom

About Saving You Money
With Snapcom, you get brand new phones, free installation, unlimited service, unlimited phone lines and unlimited local and long distance calling – it’s all included. And in many cases, it costs you nothing more than what you are currently paying for your existing phone service. In other words, you get a brand new phone system for free.

“During the installation process, SnapCom maps out the rules of your current phone system and then implements them into our system. However, because of the flexibility and features available in our system, the final product will generally be much better than what you had.

“We can also expand your system to accommodate growth. If you have 2-5 phones and start to grow, even to 100+ phones, we’ll grow with you. We like to see our clients grow so we make it easy for them!

“When we say our service is all inclusive, we mean all inclusive! Do you need to change an extension or a company greeting? We’ll take care of it, no charge! Are you confused about a feature and need extra training? We’ll get you trained, no charge! Did your phone break? We’ll replace it, no charge! Want to add a feature such as call attendant? We’ll discuss the options with you and then set it up. No charge! There is no charge for on site service calls.

“The last thing we want you to worry about is your phone system. We want to keep things simple. That’s why we include everything for one low price. That’s all features, all support, all training, all customizations, modifications, installation and maintenance. All included in our monthly price as long as you are a customer of Snapcom. That’s pretty easy,” Rick reports.

If you moved across town or across the country and are paying extra money to forward your old numbers that you couldn’t bring with you, SnapCom will port those numbers to their system which will save you money! When that phone number is called, they can ring any or all phones. It’s completely customizable.

SnapCom uses your Internet connection when you make phone calls the same way that Microsoft uses your Internet connection when you browse the Internet. You will still continue to pay for your Internet connection but if your Internet provider is charging you for phone service too, that fee goes away.

“SnapCom’s contracts are month to month. We believe there’s no need to lock our clients into a contract when they have no reason to leave.

“When you’re a client of ours, you don’t pay for anything other than your fixed monthly fee. You have enough expenses and things to worry about with your business. We take your phones out of that equation.

“There’s no limit on the number of concurrent inbound or outbound calls. If you have 10 phones, each phone can be receiving calls or making calls. Your clients will not get a busy signal and you will never have to wait for an available line.

“If your Internet goes down, your phone service continues to work. Because we’re a hosted solution, clients can still call in, press buttons in the auto attendant, dial extensions and leave messages. Your messages will then be forwarded to your email where you can retrieve them on your smart phone. We can also forward all calls to a different phone number or cell phone number during an outage. To sum things up, if your Internet goes down, your customers shouldn’t know the difference.

“Many of our clients had been paying a lot of money to forward phone numbers from areas where they used to be located. We port these numbers to our system and eliminated the cost of the forwarding. All calls then made to this number can ring on any or all phones. You tell us what you want it to do and we will make it happen,” Bret reports.

About Faxing with SnapCom
You can continue to fax the way that you normally fax or you can move to eFax. With eFax, all inbound faxes will go to an email address you provide. From there, the fax can be emailed to someone else, printed or deleted. To send a fax, you simply attach a PDF or a Word file to an email and send it to a special email address containing the phone number of the fax machine that you are sending it to. Faxing is very easy through VoIP.

About putting your phones in the Cloud
When your phones are in the cloud, your clients will never get a busy signal. If you lose power, internet or your phone lines are cut by local construction, your clients will always be able to call your business, listen to the company greeting and dial extensions, dial by directory and leave messages which you can easily access from your cell phone. Your phone system will remain active regardless of any situation at your office.

About the SnapCom Team
As an Ursuline grad and frequent visits to her Kirkwood resident grandparent’s home Cindy is very familiar with the Greentree City.

She has joined the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

“Everyone I’ve met is so friendly and welcoming. There is a genuine sense of caring about each other both professionally and personally. Rick and I enjoy the Chamber’s networking opportunities and are looking forward to meeting all the members!”

Cindy, Rick and Bret have divided the responsibilities of running their locally owned, operated and growing business between themselves. Their goal is to help small businesses succeed.

The driving force for the three is the sense of pride they have in bringing so many phone services that many small businesses may never have enjoyed.

“Representing a service that’s going to help small business owners save money, bring them the newest phones, that’s a big savings in itself so when we can come up with no out of pocket cost, it’s a significant savings,” Cindy reports.

Rick agrees and adds, “Our customers get all the latest, especially the mobile features. In today’s business world, most people aren’t stuck at their desk. Most of the calls I receive are on my cell phone. The customer doesn’t know the difference if I’m at the office or on the road because my cell phone rings at the same time as the office phone – it’s nice getting my calls wherever I am!”

For additional information about SnapCom and VoIP, email Cindy at or call her at 314.499.8500, x113 or Rick at phone 314.499.8500, x116. For their webpage, go to