Getting to Know
Kelly Jackson, President of KRJ Marketing+
Positioning by DESIGN

Kelly Jackson set upon a course of professional discovery culminating in her establishing and operating her own Kirkwood-based business. It opened in Oct 2011 and was named KRJ Marketing+, with Kelly as President of this award winning marketing, design and web agency for small and mid-sized companies.

The business has become successful thanks to Kelly’s expertise and team of talented designers and developers. This savvy entrepreneur accomplished her dream of a marketing and creative agency by bringing creativity, a passion for serving clients, and truly talented team. She learned from high level executives and when the situation demanded, taught herself what she needed to know, a necessity in the ever evolving, expanding, exciting world of marketing and technology.

The enormous changes technology has brought about in the past 10 years will be overshadowed by the changes coming in the next 10 years.

Kelly’s obvious strengths, which facilitated her transition to becoming a business owner include her ability to identify and seize every opportunity presented to her. She gained valuable on-the-job experience by working in law firms. More specialized experience came her way when she began working with engineers, architects, construction managers and developers. She also worked for about a year at a local advertising agency. Her roles have included from marketing coordinator to Director of Marketing and even a media buyer/planner.

“This is why, when a client asks about my skill sets I explain I’m a ‘Jane of all trades’ – not a master of all, but I have learned what is needed to put the client’s business on track for its success and how to do it efficiently and effectively,” Kelly reports.

It comes as no surprise that many lawyers, engineers and architects are on her client list. “They are comfortable with me because I can talk their talk and clearly understand what they need me to do for them.”

Although becoming a lawyer was a profession she planned since she was young and even attained her legal studies degree, she learned this was not the right calling after all. While at a large law firm downtown, she found herself feeling in the right place after joining the client relations department and away from her paralegal role. This prompted her to work toward her BA in advertising, marketing and media communications from Webster University that everything fell into place. She had achieved her long sought quest for a profession to help others and also provide her with great personal satisfaction.

It is critically important to the success of your business to include marketing in your budget!

The creative services provided by KRJ Marketing+ include marketing; planning; design; branding; web design; digital media; social media marketing; online marketing; brochures; logos; stationery; strategy; public relations; blog marketing; writing; SEO; SEM and more.

Don't delay improving your web site, or getting more press, or even beginning your social media efforts. From small projects to larger projects, KRJ can help without breaking your budget.

And Kelly has become an amazing marketing strategist with many clients reporting they wish they had worked with her sooner because of the positive impact of her advice on them and their business.

Your target market has changed and you need to change with it or your business will suffer.

“The mission behind the formation of our boutique style agency is providing a unique experience and personalized approach to working with our clients. We know there are other marketing and design agencies to choose from, but we hope we build long-term relationships with our clients through trust in what we do and how we deliver. Every client has a principal working directly with them to ensure we provide the best possible service and product. Nope, we aren't a large agency, but we have the expertise, capacity and the burning desire to succeed!

Want to improve your online visibility or are you wanting to better position your company in the marketplace? KRJ Marketing+ can guide your brand to build your business through the various forms of media necessary for growth.

“Whether you need help with strategic marketing or branding or social media marketing or a new website, we have just about every service under one roof. If you are starting a new business, we have worked with many start-ups from logos to websites and online marketing. No client will get put aside by us. Every client matters.”

All businesses MUST have a website!

What you may not know we do today….
KRJ Marketing+ provides full service web development, design, copy writing and SEO services for websites. Kelly has added Patrick Hinchcliff as a partner to lead the web services division or KRJ. Prior to him joining KRJ in December 2015, Kelly had designed small websites for her clients herself. But, today has the full team and capacity to meet large scale and more complex website projects. Combing her world of marketing and graphic design and Patrick’s developer skills, they have the much-needed trio of skillsets needed for every well developed and marketed website today.

Today, a simple website is no longer good enough. Infographics, animation, video, etc. are all a part of a great website today. KRJ’s advantage is that we bring strategic marketing, illustrations, effective content writing, and the latest in web design together for best possible results. This has worked for us as we rank now in the top 15 website and SEO companies in St. Louis. We know how to not just build a great website, but make it work to grow business. Our SEO services are also a part of our online marketing efforts and often are bundled together. And we can’t forget security. Cyber security is critical, even for small companies. Hackers do not discriminate and can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to a website. Ongoing maintenance through updates is crucial today to maintain the health of a website.

KRJ Marketing+ is conveniently located just a block north of the historic Kirkwood Train Station. You can find them next to Dewey’s and upstairs at 122 N Kirkwood Road, Suite 206. They are proud supporters of the Downtown Kirkwood Business District and the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce.

Kirkwood Florist’s Jon Kuhlman’s invitation to meet her at the next luncheon, was largely responsible for her participation. She also become very involved through requests to join committees, especially the Super Committee she chaired via Jim Wright’s invitation in mid 2014. That committee was responsible for the Chamber’s rebranding effort including the new website. And she has been a fine asset, encouraging the establishment of the popular Women’s Entrepreneurial group, serving as an ambassador since 2015, and participating in on the Golf and Parade committees.

“I have found the Chamber to be a good resource for me. I’ve established a number of close relationships with other members. Thanks to both Gina March and Jim Wright involving me in committees, early on I felt invested in the organization. It is also a component of my desire to feel part of the community.”

The reason Kelly has her business in Kirkwood is that she, her husband and teenage daughter live here. They enjoy all the community and KHS events.

For additional information about KRJ, go online to (and take time to read her blogs – they’re brimming with thought-provoking topics) or call 314.394.1750.