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Scott Barthelmass, Owner and President
The Scott Barthelmass Painting Company
Providing outstanding customer service and expert painting services for 94 years!

That wonderful time of the year will soon be here, filled with holiday parties, each brimming with fun and delicious food. This is also the time when many hosts start thinking about freshening up their business and home spaces before the entertainment begins.

And, just in time, following is what Scott Barthelmass, Owner and President of The Scott Barthelmass Painting Company, wants you to know about painting along with gentle reminders of good business practices.

Since Scott is the fourth generation of his family to lead this family owned and operated business, he has become an expert in the painting profession. ”I’ve been proud to carry on my family’s business tradition and continue to grow the company, focusing on the principles of providing great quality work at a fair price and at the same time remain actively involved in the community,” reports Scott Barthelmass, Owner and President of The Scott Barthelmass Painting Co.

About Paint
“Painting is an easy and affordable way to change the look of space or renew a space,” Scott reports. “Paint adds a great deal of value, it’s a really good, cost effective choice.

“The quality of the paint, coupled with good preparation and professional workmanship has earned a reputation for clients realizing a long time out of their investment – making it very cost effective.”

Painting is Not a Perfect Science
“Many things can affect painting. Poorly applied previous coatings, poorly installed wallboard, and unseen contaminants can all affect coating applications. We work hard to properly prepare surfaces but there are things that cannot always be seen.”

Weather Plays a Big Factor When We are Doing Exterior Painting
“It can be too cold and it can be too hot to paint. Most paints have a minimum application temperature of 45 degrees. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when it gets above 95 degrees paint can dry too quickly and not properly cure.

“Moisture is also a potential problem. Rain, dew and humidity can cause coatings to not properly adhere to the surfaces they have been applied to, so we are often very conservative when it comes to coating application when rain is predicted, dew is present or the like. Moisture is one of the biggest causes of coating failure.”

We Do Our Best to Estimate the Amount of Time It Will Take to Complete a Job
“Again it isn't a perfect science. Sometimes cutting in may take longer, or to get the desired the appropriate look and additional coat is needed, even moving furniture can take time. “

We Want Our Customers to Ask Questions
“We will happily answer your questions. Communication seems to be a lost art sometimes in today's society. We would much rather talk to you about things, hash out any issues, or educate you than never hear about something or hear you had a complaint and we didn't know about it.”

Change Orders Change Things
“It is not uncommon for people to add work on or change things. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it has consequences for other customers. We do our best to plan things out but when a customer say adds an additional room, it pushes back the next project. Customers don't always understand that.”

Using Top Quality Materials Is Important
“We use great products because they produce great results.”

We Don't Pick Colors
“We may offer suggestions but we won't pick the colors for your project. That is something you need to do. What we like may not necessarily be what you like.

The internet is a helpful resource re particular colors affecting mood, sales, even productivity. You can learn which colors affect sales; how cooler colors affect the way a room looks size-wise and more.

“It’s fascinating to learn and see something valuable to utilize. The right color choices can even help to accent the products you sell!”

The fact that color can have such an enormous impact on your home and/or business has led Scott to offer color consultations with customers where The Scott Barthelmass Painting Co. will arrange to have an interterior designer come out, meet with interested clients and help them select color. “We offer this service free of charge.

“We also have some resources which allow us to enter pictures of the customer’s house or room or business that allow them to play with different color schemes. This has been a very popular service because customers can easily visualize how the finished job might look.

“We really try to help people, giving them the facts about the products, colors to make their business, their home look outstanding, to add value and to help them promote their business.”

Prompt Payment is Important

“We work hard to hire and keep great employees. They are our biggest expense. We are a small, family business. We aren't a big corporation. We have customers we have done thousands or ten of thousands of dollars worth of work for and then take 30 or 60 days to pay us. It hurts.”

Be Fair
“Many customers try to talk our employees into doing ‘add-ons’ for free without us even knowing. Would you want us to come into your place of business and ask for free things?

We Offer Free Estimates, But Please Let Us Know If You Select Us or Not
“We offer free estimates. Coming out, putting together an estimate and all that is related takes time and does cost us. Please give us the courtesy of letting us know if we got the job or not.”

Let Us Know If You Have Special Requests
“Do you have specific timelines? Do you want us to start and stop at a certain time? Do you not want us storing supplies at your place? Let us know. We will accommodate but it helps if we know ahead of time.”

About Scott
Since Scott’s retirement as a full-time police sergeant with the Overland Police Department last year, he’s able to concentrate on growing his business. He currently works part-time at Eureka Fire and is a reserve officer for the Woodson Terrace Police Department. Scott’s wife, Amy, works at the Childrens Day Out program at Kirkwood United Methodist Church.

Happy News – Kathy Barthelmass Engaged The Barthelmass family is celebrating their mother’s happiness. The lovely Kathy, matriarch of the family, is now engaged to Steve Vasterling. And, yes, Steve is an avid volunteer like every other member of the family. The best wishes of the entire Chamber membership is extended to this delightful couple!

To Contact Scott:
To make an appointment, or for additional information, contact Scott at 314.565.2480 or visit the company’s website