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The Negatives of Being a Chamber Ambassador


After talking with several of the Chamber’s ambassadors, you may end up sighing a bit and asking, “Are there any negatives to being an Ambassador?” Well, of course there are; I just can’t think of any. It’s a giant job of meeting and greeting just about everybody who participates in a Chamber function. Talk about super networking made easy! Just be there and do your job and you get names and numbers of folks you may do business with, and you are able to help them get involved in the Chamber.


One really neat thing is the list of new members we are assigned. Each new member is assigned an Ambassador and our job is to remind them about events, see if we can help them get more out of the Chamber, and, of course, get to know those people better. And in most cases, it’s a lot of fun getting to know those new members.  When I learned that Dr. Jeanne Sandheinrich saw a brand new pediatric patient this month, I was nearly as excited about her helping a youngster as she was and, yes, I am their Ambassador. She and her husband, Dr. Ryan Sandheinrich, are neat people. Of course, we have a bunch of great chiropractors in the Chamber, so no matter what your chiropractic malady the Chamber directory probably has the answer.


I can’t tell you how many new friends I can count who probably would not have been my friends, if not for my being an Ambassador. (I can be shy.) There are lots of new business contacts, too; but so many new friends.


Yes, there may be some negatives associated with being a Chamber ambassador, but with all the wonderful things going on with it, why would I waste my time trying to find one?


Beverly Collin

Busy Bees Embroidery
541 E. Monroe, Kirkwood, MO 63122