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Meet Your Ambassador – March 2014
By Dennis Cooper, The Federal Savings Bank

This article may seem like I am repeating myself, but that is because I am. My experiences with chambers of commerce started early in my career assisting seniors with accessing the equity in their homes with the use of Reverse Mortgages. I realized that I couldn’t go into a neighborhood and determine which homeowner was interested in the process, but in almost all cases the homeowner or buyer had someone they considered an advisor.

I determined that if that advisor knew who I was and what I did, when the homeowner or home buyer asked the right questions, the advisor would then refer them to me to obtain information to allow them to properly evaluate their options.

Since these advisors come from many different types of professions, i.e. financial planners, real estate agents, home healthcare professionals, conventional loan officers, CPAs, eldercare attorneys, etc. it was necessary for me to find organizations that connect all these professions in an atmosphere conducive to networking.

I have since joined a number of such organizations, including a number of chambers of commerce and I am still both proud and grateful that the Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber is among the choices I have made. It is easy for me to recognize and extoll the many virtues of an organization such as our Chamber. The many programs and networking opportunities provided by this Chamber creates just such an atmosphere, but the real difference is the attitude and hard work performed by Jim, Iris, Beth, Lori, and Gina that makes it such a warm- hearted experience with a true dedication to assisting our members in any way they can.

I know,”shop chamber first” is a motto, but this Chamber makes it easy to do, when you feel like you are doing so in your own neighborhood.

Dennis Cooper
The Federal Savings Bank